Stichting Kicheko

Kicheko is the name of a house in Ngulelo, Tanzania, and of the ‘motley crew’ that lives there. The Kicheko Children’s Home provides a home to nine children who cannot be raised by their own family, all for different reasons. It is not an orphanage, it is a family home – a home to a different, but happy family.

Kicheko (Swahili for laughter) has four boys, five girls, a housekeeper, an "auntie" and a manager. Some of the children have parents, others only have a grandparent or a guardian with whom they stay approximately three times per year during school holidays.

During the rest of the year Kicheko is their home. A safe and secure place to grow up, without any terms, with love.


And with lots of kicheko!

  • Kicheko is a family home for children who cannot live with their own family.


  • Kicheko is very different from orphanages and other shelters in Tanzania, due to the interrelations and the living situation in the house. Kicheko is a home.


  • It is a small organisation with a ‘short line’ to families, schools, medical staff, neighbours etc.


  • The aim is to allow the children to grow up in stable circumstances, as normal as possible, without an end-date or any compensation in return.

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